The Indo and Japan World Homoeopathic Conference was opened!

Approximately 140 delegates in total from India, Japan and other countries got together in New Delhi, India.

At the inaugration ceremony, we had honrable guests and prominent members on the stage.

Shri Jitendra Sharma, a joint Secretary of Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India

Dr Kim Sung Chol, WHO South East Asia Region, Technical Officer, Traditional Medicine,

Dr Anil Khurana, Deputy Director of Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH), Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India

Dr M. K. Sahani, Chairman of Education Committee in Central Council of Homoeopathy,

Dr Ramjee Singh, Director Central Council of Homeopathy,

Indian homoeopathic masters, Dr Farokh Master, Dr L.M. Khan, Dr Dr S M Singh and the leading homoeopath in Japan, Dr Torako Yui.

Shri Jitendra Sharma

Joint Secretary of Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India

Dr Kim Sung Chol

WHO South East Asia Region, Technical Officer, Traditional Medicine

Dr Anil Khurana

Deputy Director of Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH), Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India

Dr Torako Yui Ph.D.Hom

Chairperson of the Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA)

Dr Torako Yui, chairperson of JPHMA, gave 60 minute lecture, themed 'The Zen method' as a main speaker.

Many of Indian delegates were awaiting for her presentation and concentrated on listening to it.

Dr Yui explained about the Zen method, showing cases of 'Purpura' due to harmful effects of vaccinations and 'Rickets' due to lack of absorbing nutrition.

In India, Classical homoeopathy based on Kent's philosophy is mainstream.

Therefore, the Zen method which prescribes combination remedies with repeat was amazed by them, however, when they witnessed the rapid and dramatic inprovement of the patients from recorded on DVD, they broke into rapturous applause.

Dr Yui addressed to the audience 'The most important thing is that patients are cured. If there are better methods, let's keep making efforts with taking them seriously.'

The audience received her devotion and passion to homoeopathy through her presentation.

Dr Farokh Master

A master of classical homoeopathy, Dr Farokh Master also gave 60 minute presentation as a main speaker, themed 'Sycosis'.

He said 'The knowledge of Materia Medica will be living wisdom after homoeopaths deal with real patients. Mere knowledge of Materia Medica without seeing enough number of patients does not hold reality.' His word with great experience was quite persuasive.

Dr M. K. Sahani

Chairman of Education Committee in Central Council of Homoeopathy

Dr Ramjee Singh

Director Central Council of Homeopathy

Mr Kuldeep Jain

CEO of B Jain Group

Mr Makoto Masuda, a managing director of Homoeopathy Japan Co. Ltd presented homoeopathic manufacturing

and development of homoeopathic products in Japan.

He introduced that they stick to integrated manufacture from original substances 

in order to provide top quality products.

He also showed that they are expanding to develop cosmetics and food products.

Dr Geeta Rani Arora gave a presentation, themed 'Importance of plant testing in homeopathy'.

Samisen Player, Mr Chikuyu Yamamoto, also visited the conference to perform Japanese traditional music for audience.

Commemorative picture

In the end of the day, Dr Torako Yui suggested that the most important thing is cooperation between homoeopaths.

She encouraged to keep evolving in cooperative manner, accepting each other's good points without rejecting due to differences of methods.

Feedback from the audience

● Dr Torako Yui's presentation was amazing. She showed many case of incurable disease in such a short time, also story about harm by heavy metals and food was advanced which I didn't see the case from any Indian homoeopath therefore many homoeopath was interested. Dr Farokh Master's analysis of Thuja was emerge mental problems of Thuja by various cases. Also there was interesting talk about how to use the plant the raw materials of remedies which can be basis, makes me think I should study more about remedies. 

● I was surprised that how brilliant this India-Japan world homeopathic conference was. I could understand how important Dr Yui Ph.D Hom is treated by Indian people. It was great to see that Japanese homoeopath are dealing tightly with chronic disease and can see the result. Also I could find out that public awareness about suppression are very low in both country India and Japan.

Although much higher population of homoeopathy user in India than Japan, still people use medicine easily without worrying about suppression. I guess this means people's awareness about true wellness is low in both country. I felt convenience and easiness were important point for many business but it could be demerit for keeping wellness. Dr Farokh Master's presentation was interesting. I think its great if you could fulfill client needs by one remedy. I'd like to read his book.

● It was very good I could attend this special conference in India. Dr. Yui's presentation was breathtaking. I really felt that people understood how amazing the Zen method is from that remarkable improvement case of her child clients. Also Farokh Master's Sycosis was interesting contents based on the  rich in experience.

● I wanted to hear a story to each more conversantly. It'll be very interesting how will WHO catch about various traditional treatment including a homeopathy, and be performed.Dr Farokh Master's presentation was profound and I would like to listen his analysis again.


● Thank you for today.I was so happy because I could have experience of proper Yoga. I was able to realize that the going to relax both physically and mentally. The presentation of Dr. Yui had outstanding level in this conference as I expected. During her presentation, all people focused because it was breathtaking and there was many audience who took memo eagerly. Of course her presentation was amazing but A reaction of the Indian audience who attends that was very interesting to me. I suppose that popularity and visibility of Dr Yui in India increased more. I am proud of it as a member of JPHMA. Dr Farokh Master's presentation was interesting as a lecture, however it lacked settlement slightly in terms of time limit of presentation. I'm looking forward tomorrow.Thank you,

● I appreciate for such a wonderful conference and I could attend. The collaboration between AYUSH, WHO and CCRH is like a dream. I think that we have a lot to learn from India which have long history of homeopathy. I will try to develop homeopathy in Japan with cooperation. Although classical-driven presentations were as fresh as I ever had, I recognized about splendor of Zen method after the Dr. Yui's presentation again and I could gain a pride to be a member of JPHMA and graduate from CHhom. Also I suppose that producing of agriculture and product of finished food to recover human health which mentioned in the presentation impressed Indian audience.

● It was able to know history of a homeopathy and the present current state in India, and it was informative. Indian footsteps to set homeopathy solidly in India was possible to be encouraged in situation of Japan and there is hope for the future of homeopathy in Japan. The real approach for the client of classical homeopath which was mentioned in the presentation of Indian homeopaths was interesting for me. I would like to know how difference and similar of understanding about Thuja between Dr Farokh Master and Dr.Yui, refering to Harnemann's MM.

● It is second time for me and really fulfilling. Firstly, it is important that we erase fixed-idea each other, and to know the difference between country and country. Then we can become as a old friends by aiming same thing using homeopathy even we don't know each other. I believe that it will be a giant step for world's wake-up. 

● Congratulation on holding the world conference! Every presentations were fantastic, especially Dr. Yui's one was impressed because it approached human health from all view point and captured the essence of problem.

It might still take time, but I thought the ZEN method Dr. Yui has developed was accepted by the world certainly.

● I was amazed to know that Indian government officials and a representative from WHO also attended this conference. I also happy to know that participators from Asian countries, Belgium, and other countries which means homeopathy has spread worldwide. I was really interested in academical presentations of Dr. Yui and Dr. Farokh Master and it was informative for participators. Thank you for today.

● It was great conference. Thank you very much for all speakers and staff who made effort for preparing it. I'm glad to hear bout history of homoeopathy in India. It will be interested in to hear what they thought about story of case and agriculture. 

● I got motivation from academical presentations because I learned the difference between the Zen method of Dr.Yui and classical homeopathy. I'm thankful that Indian people welcomed us warmly.

● Today was also great conference with interesting content. I thought that Dr. Farokh Master's analyze of Thuja was excellent. When my client confessed her secret which had't told anyone at first consultation, I sympathized with her long term suffering from secret. From now, I might use Thuja much more.

● The view of each other's position as a classical or practical is interesting. I will try to study hard. About the story of Thuja, important thing is observation of complete picture of client, I think.

● It was amazing, I had a meaningful time!! I had also same experience of case of Thuja before. I could gather useful information of India too, it was a nice day. I thought it was only Japanese matter how important to heal sense of guilt, but I found its important for any human being even in the other countries. 

● Dr. Yui's presentation was very good. It contained well together and was easy to understand what the Zen method is. I think its hard as time is different, but I had an amazing day by staff's great effort.

● It was very interested. Dr. Farokh Master's Thuja was dynamic and made me realize again how efficacy homoeopathy was. Also as a student, I was happy to see that Indian participant was deeply impressed by Dr. Yui's presentation.

● Thank you very much for the valuable presentations today. I'm happy I could hear some talk which I'm not normally could hear. 

● I learned a lot. Thank you very much.

● It is great experience for attending this conference with homoeopaths in various countries as well as in India participates. It is second time for me to join India and Japan homeopathy international conference, and I felt the status of homeopathy in India is getting higher than last time. I think, the significant data piled up related on basement (many range of homeopath, school, hospital and client) cause some unique Indian power. I'm not sure to use or not this prescription but I'm sure it helps me to practice homeopathy continually. The passion is awesome. I am looking forward to tomorrow. 

● I could listen to many valuable presentations today. Thank you.



Jan 2015

Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH) officially invited Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA) for interactive seminar with the CCRH scientists on Friday 27 February 2015.




JAN 2015

Honorary guest speaker from

WHO South East Asia Region,

Dr Kim Sung Chol, Technical Officer, Traditional Medicine will give a presentation.

'WHO Global TRM strategy 2014 to 2015 and situation of traditional medicine in the South East Asia region'


Dr Kim Sung Chol



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