2nd day of the Conference

In the beginning, Dr Torako Yui, the chairperson of the conference addressed the greeting speech.

'A wonderful movement is happening in India.

There is a hot wave which Indian are trying to regain Indian traditional medicines which were excluded in the past.

Hahnemann said 'Dare to know'.

We, homoeopaths, have a mission to know the truth and spread the truth to everyone.

Symptoms are not diseases but are just eliminating body wastes.

Cancer is a process of the elimination.

I think it will be wonderful if India and Japan join hands and walk together in this new wave. Let's work together!'

In the morning, Dr Farok Master continued to talk about 'Sycosis'.

He explained harmful effects which wake up Sycosis and mental picture of Medorrhinum.

Audience was impressed by his presentation with his vast clinical experiences relating to Sycotic miasm.

Dr Anil Khurana from CCRH gave the presentation.

CCRH is the only one homoeopathic research institute under the government jurisdiction in the world.

They are conducting various research, aiming at making homoeopathy to be recognised in the world.

They have 26 institutes in all over India.

Dr Anil said 'There is no doubt in homoeopathy has effects, but we should not remain in blind acceptance like 'Just believe'.

We should have a proper answer to skeptics who say homoeopathy is placebo in each country.

There must be a logic to explain about it properly and a science is necessary for that.'

Mr Nishant Jain

'Quality control in Homoeopathic products'

He explained details of homoeopathic manufacturing at B. Jain Pharmaceutical Pvt under rigorous quality control.

JPHMA registered member also gave presentation.

Ms Kazuko Mizuno gave a presentation of 'Case study: Hepatic tumor - A dog'.

She showed the hepatic tumor was disappeared by the Zen method, adding a hint of the Banerji Protocols.

A dog's case seems rare for Indian homoeopathic doctors.

Dr Hiroyuki Takano from TOYOUKE clinic gave a presentation themed 'Problems in Japanese medical system'.

He reported the current situation which Japanese medical systems have too many examinations, conventional medicines and vaccinations

based on historical background of Japan after the war.

Indian homoeopathic doctors must have felt the difficulties in spreading homoeopathy in Japan by listening to his presentation.

Ms Seiko Kudo showed 'Case study: Palmoplanter pustulosis that was cured in one year'

She treated this case while she was learning homoeopathy at Dr Yui's college, College of Holistic Homoeopathy.

She also showed other skin problems cured by the Zen method.

Ms Mariyo Kim presented 'Japanese Homoeopathy in South Korea'.

She is currently spreading homoeopathy which she learnt in Japan to people in South Korea.

Ms Keiko Matsuo gave a presentation 'Case study: epilepsy'.

The audience was amazed by the result which the patient who had 40 - 50 attacks a day was improved to only 1 attack a day by first consultation.

She explained that Dr Yui's original tincture of combined vaccination remedies was very effective.

Great sensation on the Zen method

Dr Yui showed her cases of girls who suffer from harmful effects of cervical cancer vaccine as an example of deep pathology of iatrogenic disease superpower, Japan.

The Zen method deals with symptoms on surfaces, of course, anti-Psoric treatment and organ support at one time.

Furthermore, Dr Yui choses homoeopathic remedies to release patients' inner child problems so that they can release their emotions and a sense of guilt.

'Everyone wants to be loved. It will be good if eveyone can love ourselves first of all.'

'Homoeopathic remedies are important, but food is what creates our body.

That is why we should eat safe and sound food. 

We should also utilize homoeopathic mother tinctures with abundant minerals.'

It seems that Dr Yui's method and viewpoint are very innovative and stimulating in a classical homoeopathy superpower, India.

However, Indian homoeopaths seem to be interested in the new method.

Pannel discussion

Representatives from Mexico, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh and Japan shared homoeopathic situation in each country.

In the end, all of the audience applaused and praised Dr Torako Yui's big contribution and powerful actions to spread homoeopathy in Japan

where homoeopathy was not existing, but has now grown big within these 20 years.

Dr Yui gave a closing speech.

'Homoeopathy is for curing diseases.

We, homoeopaths, should not give up against intractable diseases, especially, as Hahnemann said that we can cure as long as there is a symptom.

Homoeopathy is also wonderful because it can be used as prophylaxis.

Food is more important as it creates our bodies.

That is why we cultivate vegetables and herbs.

We are working on curing pathology from various points of view as we have right to live healthy.

It is our soul's ultimate mission to love everything whatever it is.

Let's work hard on what we can do now to reach the point.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.'

With the song of homoeopaths, the dense two day conference was concluded successfully.

Feedback from the audience

● I thank to Dr.Yui and organising members for such a big effort. The respective sense of values and recognition are creating it by the respective national culture, a custom, a religion and the educational difference. What I understand each other's sense of values, recognition and share will be one step to recognize each other more deeply. I think such our activity is leading to also having an influence on national politics a little by little and leading the world to be gently. Thank you so much. I'm so glad to participate this conference.

● I spent such a fruitful time for this two days. Thank you for Indian people and staff. Especially I thank to Dr.Yui.

● I studied a lot with presentations of Indian and Japanese homeopaths. I could learn about making an effort to serve as Indian provision of remedy production and improvement of the quality, and I felt it is an important point.

The necessity of scientific inspection is also important and  I found an Indian effort and study for that with admiration.I'd like also to get over the difference in the mutual methods, connect a hand and make an effort toward the spread of a homeopathy internationally for years to come. I really felt that Dr.Yui's power is world-class.

● I understood that there is a big gap in the approach, opinion and theory between Indian homeopaths who learned Kentian classical way and Japanese homeopath who learned 

Hahnemannian way than I imagined. I also found that the presentation in these joint conference and steady accumulation of communication play a big role for these gap.

I thought, we have much to learn from careful "observation" to select one remedy of classical homeopaths. When I have a client, I will try to value that to look down and observe the macro overall picture of client rather than to tend focusing in micro approach as the symptom immediately. Talking, listening experiences and asking with teachers such as Dr.Yui and expired homeopaths directly was precious time. I try to study and take cases hard for next two years and really want to be a great beneficial homeopath for the client. Thank you. The speech from Indian doctor " To cure a patient, We must do more necessary change" at the last panel discussion made me hope and I found bright future for Asia to be connected by the homeopathy.

● It was also a wonderful day. I felt a hope from many cases children were cured. There were a lot of wonderful presentations beyond a classical practical frame. I found sign of the prosperity which is increasingly in a future homeopathy. I am lucky that I was able to participate in this conference. Thank you.

● While these 2 days were informative, it could be asked by the part by volume that it's concerned with sycosis in particular that I wanted to know, and it was a very meaningful meeting. Thank you for giving me a chance to participate. I could confirm much homeopathic possibility with this presentation and I would like to do something to the best of my ability to the world. Please feel free to contact me whenever you need someone.

● I thought even if we use different methods, it's important to share information each other beyond borders and be expanding a homeopathy into the world, and it is also important to we respect each other and progress.

● I was surprised by passions of people's Indian homeopathy and felt potential energy of homeopathy method of treatment in India. As homeopathy is penetrated in India, Indian homeopath can treat their patient freely with confidence, I desire that Japanese current situation could approach to this Indian situation.

I admired Mr. Yui who spread this wonderful method of treatment among Japan once again.

I would like to have some role to broaden the homeopathic field shared Indian doctor's power.

● There were many rare meaningful talks such as control of quality of homeopathy etc. Thank you.

● I'm so happy to participate this India-Japan conference. Case presentations and lectures of a lot of homeopaths were amazing and I learned many things. 

The presentation by Dr.Yui was also profound and convincing. Fist day, I couldn't stop crying again from the Dr.Yui's visiting to Tohoku at the time of 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami and cleaning the soil. Second day, I realized the horror of HPV vaccination and I keenly realized importance of the Zen method during cases such as depression, cancer and Leukemia. Thank you for many effort of staff. I'm happy to come this conference.

● Thank you for Dr.Yui and staff. It is great experience for me to come to India with homeopathy as a first time. Indian and Japanese presentation were both informative for me and I satisfied from that.

● Thank you for today. It was really informative because I could listen to approaches and opinion of Indian homeopath for homeopathy through these 2 days. And then I realized that Japanese Zen method is excellent! For next two years, I will study and absorb such a many things by Dr. Yui and other teachers. Thank you.

● Joining this conference in India was precious experience. Thank you for every presentation and organising team who prepared this conference. It is really important that keep in touch with India, an advanced country of homeopathy for Japanese homeopathy even our method is difference and I'm happy to attend this conference as a witness for that.

It is the result of Dr. Yui's efforts. Thank you. I realized the classical-dominated situation in the world. It is also great experience. 

● Nowadays the government and many people in countries are depending on only conventional medicine even it cause various suffering. There is own original healing properties, and human has a power cured by improving that. Homeopathy supports this power and there is no side effects, so it should be known by nation and the government should accept that as Indian government. Today's academic presentation was excellent. Thank you.

● I could learn well that homeopathy is spreading in India more than more. It is faburous.

I would try something what I can do for Japanese current homoeopathic situation to become like Indian situation.

● I would like to ask Dr. Farokh Master's opinion for Miasm and vital force how to rely to healing progress of client next time. Having heard Dr. Anil's presentation, I thought it is important for homeopathy to be inspected by various scientific forms from now and this will lead spread of homeopathy.

● Dr.Singh's presentation was excellent. I was surprised by an effectiveness of very small remedy which I haven't used so much. I realized that it worked very well, if the choice of remedy is not wrong even the method is difference. 

Also presentations of Japanese homeopath were well mentioned their cases clearly and I studied a lot. I also wanted to see more cases. I think there was so many effort. Thank you for staffs. Thank you very much, Dr. Yui who held this wonderful conference.

● I could feel presenters' passions and spirits for homoeopathy. It was brilliant. 



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WHO South East Asia Region,

Dr Kim Sung Chol, Technical Officer, Traditional Medicine will give a presentation.

'WHO Global TRM strategy 2014 to 2015 and situation of traditional medicine in the South East Asia region'


Dr Kim Sung Chol



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