Major figures who support this conference.



Mr Kuldeep Jain (CEO of B Jain Group)


Mr. Kuldeep Jain has been associated with Homeopathic Publishing since more than 30 years. He joined his father  Dr.Prem Nath Jain at an early age of 17 along with continuation of his studies. Dr. Jain was the only one who came into homeopathy as a "masiha" to re strengthen the system when it was most difficult time to get literature on Homeopathy. Mr Kuldeep Jain presented Bjain’s work to the world -the homeopathic books which was becoming a rare commodity as most of the homeopathic publishers were shutting down. It was a new hope which homeopathy got His most important contribution has been taking B.Jain to an international platform. He traveled extensively and took Bjain books of New and Old renowned Authors of Homeopathy to different countries.

Mr. Kuldeep Jain has attended almost all the international book fairs and Homeopathic seminars in the past 24 years. In 1983 he attended Spanish book fair and saw a demand of Spanish books among the homeopaths in Mexico. By 1990 he had 25 Spanish books. Today B.Jain has more than 150 Spanish books and is the sole Asian publisher who attends the Spanish book fair in Mexico. In the meantime in 1989 he also, he brought British Institute of Homeopathy to India. He received a Gold Medal offered by a n International body "LIGA" in BARCELONA in the year 1990 for best  contribution of BJAIN into Homeopathy.

His contribution to the society is a huge number of books on heath and homeopathy and what he has got back is innumerous awards and recognition in the homeopathy and publishing field. He also supervises the B.Jain’s new venture of medicine manufacturing which is benefiting from his vast experience in the field of homeopathy and is progressing very well under his leadership.



Mr クルディープ・ジェイン(Bジェイングループ最高経営責任者)


彼は学業を継続しながら17の早い年齢で父親 Dr. プレム・ナス・ジェインの仕事に加わった。













Jan 2015

Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH) officially invited Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association (JPHMA) for interactive seminar with the CCRH scientists on Friday 27 February 2015.




JAN 2015

Honorary guest speaker from

WHO South East Asia Region,

Dr Kim Sung Chol, Technical Officer, Traditional Medicine will give a presentation.

'WHO Global TRM strategy 2014 to 2015 and situation of traditional medicine in the South East Asia region'


Dr Kim Sung Chol



発表タイトル「WHO世界伝統医学ストラテジー 2014-2015 東南アジア地域における伝統医学の状況」


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